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Time Out

It has been a while since my last blog. I really needed timeout from being active in many things. Things have been happening which were beyond my control and that made me have time out from everything else except my Uni studies. One needs time to reflect on important things in life. Sometimes it is good to take oneself from the noise in the world and just concentrate on reading what the Word of God is teaching. All I needed was reflecting on my life and learning more about God and His Creation as well as understanding my identity. Reflections! reflections of my life.

Having said that, this first blog from my time out marks the passing on of my dad on 04/08/2019. He was in his early 90s. Although he will be greatly missed, I thank God for giving my dad to reach his 90s being active. My dad had not experienced ill health that could be threatening until July 2019 when he had to be hospitalised for few days. Family and friends celebrate his life and his legacy. In the introduction of my book I wrote how my dad had been my mentor. My life story from girl child to womanhood, having supportive God fearing parents has made the woman I am today. The child of today is the leader of the future. Parents and guardians of today play a big role for the future generation. My dad played his part and MHSRP.

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