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Today I have been looking back in my life when I was growing up, being in my mum and dad's house. I never new that I was going to grow up to be an adult and live independently. But, my parents were always telling me that I would not remain dependable on them and that it was possible for me to live in a different country far away from them. Words are spirit, when we speak they go to do what they say. In life we ought to say what we mean and mean what we say. If we say negative words to others even if we do not mean what we would have said, those words, as we will have spoken, they are released to go forth to manifest in the life of that person. They will only not manifest when that individual released to those negative words cancels them. Cancelling them also need to release words.

As I grew up there were words of building me up which my parents and especially my dad, were of encouraging me. Although there were times that they could show that they were disappointed by my actions but, they always picked me up and spoke words that have made me who I am today. Guardians and parents play very important role in shaping the future of their child/children. Children might make wrong choices but given good advice many times they go back in right track.

During the time that I never thought I would one day be driving a car, my dad always encouraged me to be able to drive when I reached the age that was permitted. He was always telling me that I could be like other women whom we saw driving cars. My dad gave me advise on how important it was to learn not to rely on him or other relatives for help. He told me that if I got used to source for help, I would not be able to cope if I found myself in another country far away from everybody else. As per my dad's words on living in another country far away from everybody else, it came to pass. I had issues which needed to be resolved by myself and not anybody else. My dad admired women working in offices as secretaries and he spoke to me that I could do that job. He equipped me with skills and I became whom he wanted me to be.

Words are spirit and they go to do what they are released to do. We ought to release words of blessings to children even though they might be disappointing us. Influential words to children bring self-esteem which equips them with knowledge and understanding of who they are (identity). As we pray for them, we release blessings which will locate them, for solid future generation starts from families.

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