Emelda’s Experience Writing This Book


Emelda was encouraged to write this book after an outpouring of revelation that she could not contain. After God opened her spiritual eyes to see how His people’s original identity had been spoiled, she began writing down her experiences. As she put the revelation on paper, she began to see more and more and eventually, as the pages accumulated, she found that it could become a book that can be used to help others. When she had finished the writing, she went through what she had written and realised that it was God’s inspiration to write the book. Revelation showed her that parents and guardians play a significant impact in their children’s lives; unknowingly they can either curse or bless a child and be role models for good or for bad. The book will help them to be positive mentors.

Summary of Book


The book “Spoiled Identity? Break Every Chain for The Future Generation” has been an inspiration from God – to bring people to worship Him in truth and in spirit – bringing them to their true identity, which God created them to be. True identity has been spoiled. We may have different societal beliefs, but we all have the same purpose for living. Changes in our cultures and values 
have led to many breakups in marriages and families. A relationship with God helps us know and understand what it means to be a vessel unto honour for God, as His best: – true identity. 

Who the Book is Intended


This book’s intention is to give counsel to girls and women (as well as boys and men) who may find it helpful: we need to work together to shape the future generation by looking at the challenges facing the present generation globally and break every chain in the Name of Jesus.

Spoiled Indentity?

Break Every Chain for the Future Generation

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