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The Future Generation

Importance of Education

Men and women are role models of young people, women being the centre of everything. Not only are the latter invested with giving the gift of life, they are responsible for carrying and raising the people of the future and play a pivotal role in stabilising the world.

Tomorrow needs to be built now. We need a solid foundation for the future generation in this present generation. Girls are at risk of being taken as creations without value. It is time to liberate our girls from the bondage of dependence on men. Education is a contributor to society. Girls need to be women of tomorrow who are empowered with education. Children need advice pertaining to their dreams so that they will know the purpose of their education. They will also be responsible for protecting their future when they are encouraged to keep their vision intact. They will have an aim to align themselves with until it happens.

If a child has no parents to encourage, the guardians, relatives and school are there to help build the child's future. Today's girls are mothers and wives of the leaders of tomorrow and today's boys are leaders of tomorrow. Let us embrace a new chapter and mentor young people values of life in order to create a different future generation from the present. The leaders of tomorrow need to have a good background and a sound mind.

We should thank our women role models, who are leading in organisations and governments. As women, we are the mothers of nations. Let us look beyond our own families. We are actually the mothers of every girl. We need to encourage them to be role models of tomorrow.

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