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I am so excited with the New Year as it marks new beginnings in a new season. I am expecting this year to be better than last year. Although I went through challenges as soon as my book got published and in the middle of planning Book Launch, I had supporters on my Facebook Page who kept me going. I am so grateful with the people who have been and are still supporting me. We have prayed together online and testimonies from people who experienced God's hand upon their lives are remarkable. Some have received Jesus Christ as their LORD and Saviour! God's ways are not ours. He created the gadgets that we use and His presence invades them, transforming people's lives! This is an amazing experience on Facebook Page. Although transformation is experienced on Facebook Page, I have always witnessed or heard testimonies where prayers that I record and or type on whatsApp messages and send to individuals, using mobiles phones. God does not have boundaries, His Spirit invades everywhere.

I am grateful for the Lord to grant me yet another year to work in His Kingdom. I am sure that He will give me wisdom to express what the book's intentions is, in the upcoming programmes, this year 2018 and other years to come. Ecclesiastes 3:1 says, "To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven". I pray that in this present generation we will be able to join hands together, young people and adults, globally, in building the future generation. This is our season to build a solid future generation by mentoring our today's children who are tomorrow's leaders.

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