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Meet Emelda Rusike Denenga…

Emelda is a Zimbabwean born Christian living in England. The name Rusike has been included in her name as an honour to her dad who had a huge positive impact in her life. Due to unfortunate circumstances outside of his control that spoilt the identity of himself and his children, her dad was never identifiable by this name. The autobiographical element is definitely interpretable as we can see the influence of Emelda’s personal experiences. Emelda’s dad and her siblings were thrilled to learn that the family’s name would be featured on the book cover and that the path of their lives could be used to help the lives of others.

Emelda’s Journey From Girl Child to Now…

Emelda was born into a devoted Christian family who gave her a loving and supportive upbringing. In her childhood she experienced supernatural encounters. Being a young girl she believed it was normal and common, not knowing that in actuality God was equipping her for His Glory. 

Although she encountered challenges in part of her life, she has always felt the hand of God upon each and every situation she’s experienced. God’s presence as manifested through the Power of the Holy Spirit has helped her rise above every obstacle that society threw her way. Having experienced the Baptism in the Holy Spirit, she now inspires hope to the hopeless- to people in need of Faith Healing. Dedicating her life to helping others using God’s Word as guidance, Emelda is used by the Holy Spirit in many peoples’ lives. She believes that God’s Word does not have any boundaries as evidenced by testimonies. More detail on her encounters with the Holy Spirit will be in her next book.

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