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I will re-direct you I am always with you

On my way to work one morning driving, my usual route was closed because of road works that was being carried on. I had to follow diversion. As I continued driving I left following diversion as I thought it could lead me to a wrong connection further.

I eventually found myself having turned into a motorway. I gasped "Oooh my God! What am I doing? Where am I going now?" In my mind I was now thinking; "This is it, I am going to be late for work! How will I get myself out from motorway and connect to the right way to get to work?" As I was pondering I saw a road stretching from the motorway. I just turned into that road. As I followed it, it took me to the right connection to my usual route to work. "Oooh my God thank you! How did this happen to get to my usual route from the motorway?" I asked myself in a loud voice. I was talking to myself but at the same time felt in my spirit asking God. The answer I got was; "You are never alone. No matter how much you miss I will always re-direct your path. You are mine. I love you". Despite all this I got to work on time.

This was a confirmation of my life story and re-assurance that God will never leave me alone. Even if I make a mistake, He will lead me in a right path. Not only me but all of us God loves us so much. He made me to experience this for His message to me and to all of us as He did to Jeremiah.

I was studying the book of Jeremiah and as I got on Chapter 18 : 1-6, "......Like clay in the hand of of the potter, so are you in my hand, O house of Israel........" God reminded me of His message to me on the day I found myself on the motorway. God speaks to us in many ways but, sometimes we do not understand Him. God allows some situations in our lives that He could have prevented in order for us to get messages or to learn to rely on Him. Do you feel lonely or lost and can not find your way out? The good news is you are not alone. God uses that situation for His Glory. His light will shine in that darkness and soon you will witness His love to the world. Our lives are in God's hands.

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