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Girl Child to Womanhood

Parents and guardians play a big role in shaping a child's future. A holistic approach will shape the well-being of children and our future generation; this approach includes parental counselling and praying, the influence of the school system and educational policies.

Children need to be persuaded to take life seriously and the dangers of peer pressure. They are never to be forsaken when they do things that hurt their parents. If parents forsake their children because of bad character or behaviour, chances are that they will get worse advice from the wrong people.

Educating girl child equips her to be self sufficient when she grows up and not to have to rely on men for survival. Education is not only academically but moral accountability. A girl who pursues education and is taught to value her own body grows up to be a woman of substance.

The fear of the Lord is regarded as old fashion but truly it is the beginning of all wisdom. As a parent raising up a child or children can be challenging. Sometimes the behaviour of children can frustrate and as a result can curse a child unknowingly. Training up a child with the fear of the Lord helps us to be guided on words that build the child.

As a young girl growing up, peer pressure influenced me not to focus on my future and education. I obtained poor results at General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE), while others pursued their education with good results. My dad was upset with me and vowed not to pay fees for me to re-sit my GCSE. My father later on decided to empower me with education, which I had missed before. He told me that he was empowering me so that I would not be a wife of someone without any qualification or profession in the modern day, which sees women occupying many positions in our economy. He sent me to an expensive college for better training. I then proved to my parents that I appreciated my second chance and worked hard to achieve good results.

Sometimes even with second chance children might fail us but, it is our responsibility to persuade them no matter how much it may take us. Girl of today is the key to a solid foundation for the future generation. Through my personal life story, I have learned that parents and guardians play a big role in shaping a child's future.

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