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I am a woman who raised up three children as a single parent. I have known failures, to be mislead, rejections, how to be cheated, humiliated and the list is endless, in relationships. My children are all grown up now and have been blessed with four grandchildren, at he point of writing this. During the time my children were growing up, I must admit that I went through challenges. What kept me going was my supportive parents, God fearing people who were around me, my faith in God and my obedient children. It is important for parents to stand by their children even if they have grown up. Even if we are grown up we still need guardians and parents to support us.

I had given up my day job as a secretary to run my own clothing manufacturing business. During that time I had my late ex-husband. Now I was faced with loosing both my marriage and business, leaving me as a single parent with a failed business. My business collapsed as I battled with reality of loosing my marriage. My identity as a married woman had gone and now labelled as a single mom.

To be a single mom or dad can be because of different circumstances but, many times society is quick to judge and label without them having background of the circumstances. I lived in a spoiled identity as I had shifted from trusting God to concentrating on the challenges I was facing. Challenges of failure, deceived, humiliated and now bound in all sorts of chains. With the support of my parents, I bounced back and aligned myself in the word of God, re-discovering my true identity. As I continued studying the Bible, one night, Jesus walked in my bedroom where I was sleeping, unlocked and removed a very big lock from thick chain that was around my two hands bound together. From that moment, my life has never been the same again.

Sometimes challenges of raising up children can also be experienced by both parents living together but, my experience of single parenthood compelled me to sharing with other single moms. Although sharing with single mothers, this is useful to young girls who, might not have no one to equip them with understanding their purpose for living, according to God's purpose and plan for them. To some married women, this could also be useful in knowing about the stigma within societies regarding single women. I believe God has put in my heart to carry this assignment.

There are many advisers out there, good and bad. Some bad ones lead to idol worshipping, prostitution, drugs and alcohol etc resulting in more chains locked in people's lives. I am an overcomer through Christ Jesus! There are some men who think a single woman is desperate of a relationship and material support. They can entice even if they are married. Some very trusted close married men, friends or relatives of previous relationship can take advances to a single mom. Even in church set ups, some married women can fall trapped. I want to empower women in the knowledge and understanding of who they are, where to get strength and who to rely on. This book will help identifying areas where chains have to be broken in order to live godly lives in this generation. Psalm 16 : 8 "I keep my eyes always on the LORD. With Him at my right hand, I will not be shaken".

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