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Spoiled Identity?

Hello and welcome to my blog. I am glad you have visited my website. This is my first blog post and have been hesitant to start, thinking, "what else can I write about since I have put everything in this book?" But hey! finally I have managed to pull myself up to do it.

Spoiled Identity?- Title of the book with a question mark? I saw a shift of humankind from God's intended purpose and plan. I began to see that the Glory of God had been shifted in different areas of people's lives either knowingly or because of ignorance, spoiling their identity. The question mark stands for asking individuals because, although the identity is there, it has been spoiled. Spoiled identity makes people concentrate on issues of life and loose focus on the authority that God gave us through Christ Jesus.

Having travelled in different countries in Africa, I learnt that relationship with God includes how we live in our families and societies. In life to be successful, God must be the centre of everything. When God is put first by way of reading His Word and prayers we will experience peace. God responds to our commitment to Him. God made His Word (the Bible) so that we have reference in all areas of our lives, from our relationship with Him, our families and people around us. Many people have shifted from being God-fearing and are now tossed by the winds of this world, which is against God's purpose and plan for His children. There are careless lifestyles and much confusion in civilisation.

My personal life experiences and life stories from other people compelled me to write this book. Peer pressure, parents and guardians' influence have an impact on children's lives, either negative or positive. The children of today are the future adults. When they are taught values of life, they form a solid future generation.

Moral accountability on both men and women has been lost and has spoiled many people's identity, living them with scars. Women are an answer to this confusion in the world. Yes, we live day by day, but we must have a vision for tomorrow. Women can bring hope and strength in society if they grow from childhood knowing the values of life. The girls of today are the foundation for the women of the future. Women would make progress in society for the future generation by mentoring today's girl child. The key is with the girl child and as well as the boy child.

Girls are having children when the time is not yet ripe. There are also boys who become fathers when it is too early for them to be fathers and not ready to be responsible. Boys of today are fathers and leaders of tomorrow. If they grow up to be men knowing values of life, there will be progress in society. They would not abuse girls and women they come across. They would not father children carelessly anywhere and any how with no intention to look after them. These abandoned children and their mothers are left with scars, spoiling their identity.

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