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spoiled identity

Men and women are role models of young people, women being the centre of everything. Not only are the latter invested with giving the gift of life, they are responsible for carrying and raising the people of the future and play a pivotal role in stabilising the world. But the path in life is never simple; societal pressure, gendered stereotypes, stigma and inadvisable choices lead young girls and women away from their true purpose, spoiling their authentic identity and hindering them from living as God intended.

The book is about both girl child to womanhood and boy to man finding their purpose in life. Spoiled Identity? offers guidance for mentoring a child, helping them and their guardians fulfil their primary purpose through a reconnection with God. With a focus on educating the girl child in alignment with God’s teachings, provides a strong case for casting off societal pressures, and embracing the path that God has set for us. 

The role of the parent and guardian in shaping a child is indisputable. They can either bless or curse unknowingly; instead of mentoring them, they can lead them astray. Identities become spoiled because of not following what God has commanded but although spoiled, it’s never too late to make it right through God’s Word. Spoiled Identity? empowers parents, guardians, women and girls to challenge cultural restraints and rediscover their true purpose for living.

Let us join hands together and break chains of rejection, poverty and stigma. No matter the trials and setbacks we experience in life, it is when we rely on God’s Word that our situations can change. Believing and having faith in God activates the Holy Spirit to reward us. Spoiled Identity? provides invaluable counsel that addresses the challenges facing younger generations around the world, helping them break every chain in the name of Jesus.

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